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Tricks for Safe Use of Public Computers in Internet cafes

What if you are on vacation and you need to do something important on the Internet but you don’t have your computer with you? Maybe you need send an email to your boss or  access your bank account to transfer money. You should be rightfully concerned that using a computer in an Internet cafe is unsafe since a keylogger might capture your account log-in information.

Here I will discuss how to thwart a keylogger from capturing your sensitive information with a couple of simple tricks. Be aware, however, that another program on the computer might also capture screen shots of your activity so you must be careful.
Trick #1 is to use “onscreen keyboard” to enter text by clicking keys with your mouse.

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How Hackers Can Easily Create Hotspots To Lure You To Connect

There are a number of easy to use tools which a hacker can use to create a HotSpot using only their laptop computer to appear as a wireless router. On Windows 7, for example, there are Connectify, and mHotSpot.

Connectify transforms your laptop into a Wi-Fi- Hotspot and enables you to share your internet wiht other wireless devices such as other laptop computers, smartphones, and tables. Neither solution requires a physical router or external hardware to function. Read the rest of this entry

We Are Losing Control Over Our Security

In a recent speech at an RSA conference (see article at this link)  Bruce Schneier, famous computer security specialist and cryptographer, highlights two emerging threats to the Internet Infrastructure.

The first threat he labels Big Data. He points out that Big Data is OUR data and more and more is being saved, and it’s being bought and sold.

It is being used to make decisions about us – primarily (at present) advertising decisions. But more and more we are seeing this been used for things like employment decisions or college admission decisions. Government makes the use of this data too. His fear is that right now we are seeing companies pushing for legislation, or more often lack of legislation that limits what they do. These companies are very big, very profitable, and they are big lobbying forces. And they are agitating for more data, more access, less controls over what they can do.

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The Internet: A Modern Day Demolition Derby

If you live in a first world country, your experience driving a car is most likely somewhat leisurely because there are rules that you learn in order to get a license to drive, there are signs on the road to provide directions and warn you of hazards, and most drivers obey the laws, ie, they use turn signals, turn on their lights at night, and they don’t run stop signs or stop lights – except for the occasional drunk (or an idiot texting on their phone).

Having traveled and lived in the third world, I can tell you that driving is a very different experience there.

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