Bibliography for Chapter 3 – Make It Safe At Home

3.1 Introduction

3.2 Secure physical documents and devices3.3 Know your malware

3.4 Implement anti-virus scanning

3.5 Implement a backup strategy for your systems and data

3.6 Use firewalls to keep intruders out

3.7 Lock down your home network

3.8 Filter undesirable Internet content with a HOSTS file

3.9 Choose your DNS provider

3.10 Make your system less vulnerable

3.11 Get smart about passwords


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3.12 Use encryption

3.13 Protect wired and wireless ports on your computer

3.14 Keep your software up-to-date

3.15 Keep your system clean and running smoothly

3.16 Select browser(s) and security add-ons

3.17 Take care where you get your apps

3.18 Use Two-Factor Authentication for logins

3.19 Use a Virtual Keyboard for improved login security