There are a number of easy to use tools which a hacker can use to create a HotSpot using only their laptop computer to appear as a wireless router. On Windows 7, for example, there are Connectify, and mHotSpot.

Connectify transforms your laptop into a Wi-Fi- Hotspot and enables you to share your internet wiht other wireless devices such as other laptop computers, smartphones, and tables. Neither solution requires a physical router or external hardware to function.

ConnectifyWhen you run Connectify, you simply provide a Hotspot Name (1), password (2), Internet connection (3) and then click on the Start button (4), then your Wi-Fi HotSpot is ready and you can connect other devices to it.

To connect from other devices, just search for Wi-Fi and you will see your newly created Wi-Fi’s name, you can connect to it as usual just like you would connect to any other Wi-Fi network.   From C0nnectify, you can also check the name and list of devices recently connected and disconnected from the client tab.

You can see how easy this is to do, and therefore you will hopefully be more careful when you connect to wireless networks when working away from home.

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