Torrents of applications are often laden with malware. The application files may be unaltered, but the “crack” which provides a license code is where the danger lies. Videos, on the other hand, are safe. According to experts, embedding malware into a video file would be difficult, if not impossible. So how, then, do the bad guys distribute malware via popular video downloads such as TV episodes and movies?

Tactics vary, but the primary method of distributing malware via torrents of video files depends upon on getting downloaders to download additional files. This would likely tip off most people that something was up, but usually people become less alert when it comes to something they are eager to watch or play for free.

Several other common tactics include using an archive format like .rar or .zip to store malware disguised as a compressed file. or requiring you to download a specific codec, which could itself be a vehicle for malware.

Another tactic involves Torrenting a password protected file and then having to retrieve a password from another site or via email. This email scenario could be used to gather enormous numbers of legitimate emails, perhaps to be used for phishing attacks later on.

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