Whoever now controls your friend’s account not only has complete access to the Facebook information of the original account owner, but they can also access all of data on the people the owner was friends with.

Even the most privacy conscious individuals with everything set to ‘Friends Only’ are now exposed and at risk. Think of all the information they can collect and the damage they can do in just a short period of time.

Here are just a few ways they can exploit the ‘friends’ of the newly hacked account:

  • Monitor status updates of friends to know where they are and when they are not at home – for purposes of burglary.
  • Collect personal and private information to be used for phishing attempts (social engineering).
  • Use Photos and data obtained to create other fake profiles.
  • Install rogue Facebook applications and send spam and scam links to all of the friends of the original account owner.

If you are too complacent to protect your account for your own good, do it for your friends. Change your password to a very strong one, and not one that you use for any other on-line account. …..And while you are at it, why not ask your ‘friends’ to do the same to protect you.

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